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Costa del Sol - Costa del Golf

Malaga is known as the capital of the Costa del Sol, of course, the door to the "Costa del Golf", with more golf courses than anywhere 
in Spain

There is no doubt that this area, which covers Málaga province (its capital, Málaga, is the city where the bright artist Picasso was born) and another small part of the Cádiz province, is a great destination for the golf player.

It boasts a 61 golf courses which and where beauty and design are combined, together with some magnificent hotel facilities, a modern and functional airport and a wide range of places of entertainment and pleasure; gastronomy, beaches, marinas, night amusement, cultural heritage, typical towns, shopping and culture, with the Picasso Museum leading this impressive variety and much more. . .

It's hard to equal this tourist offer in our continent. And what's more, an extraordinary weather, 321 sunshine days in a year. All these characteristics make of our destination Costa del Sol/Costa del Golf, an authentic paradise for golf lovers and their companions.

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